Unseen Blessings

Day 1 of 6: Life’s Lessons on the Golf Course


Today is the first day of a long overdue 6-Day vacation. My goal is to play a round of golf every day. Hopefully I can secure tee times. If I miss a day or two, I will still post my reflections from this Thanksgiving week.

My favorite #golf course is the one closest to home. In fact, it takes me one minute to the parking lot. It’s always busy. Every 10minutes, four players are waiting to tee off. When I arrived today, there were nine people waiting. The ranger sent me off first….ALONE. That was unusual. It’s exactly what I needed. Time alone to breathe, think and reflect on life in 2020!

In my #solitude I cherished every moment of my thoughts. The fact that I was chosen to play #18holes on my own was a sweet reminder that God watches over me. He always knows what I need. I am thankful for the many unseen blessings in life. Small moments make the biggest impact. 

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