Let’s take a virtual journey using a guided visualization to transition from 2020 to 2021

Imagine you are standing in front of a closed door marked 2021, wondering what lies beyond. Before you allow your imagination to peek through the keyhole, you take a final glance back on 2020.

You see the road you traveled. Some great moments and some not so great moments. Some ups and some downs. More uncertainties than certainties. More uncommon challenges. Dramatic shifts in thinking. As you scan the landscape, you see a raging #pandemic, untimely deaths, rollercoaster economic crisis, rising unemployment, social injustices and racial discrimination, peaceful protests, hateful riots, unresolved political issues, families and friends separated and living in a virtual world, people everywhere wearing masks and keeping a distance. Where did our world go? What happened to our world?

What happened, has happened! Nothing we can do or say can change that. What is one sparkle amidst the craziness? What image comes to mind? Gracefully etch that sparkle into the galleries of your memory.

Now, turn around and face forward. Before you is the door to 2021. What do you hope for? Imagine it is December 2021, and you are looking back on the year. What needs to happen for you to say, “It was a very good year!”

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