Day 5 of 6: Life’s Lessons on the Golf Course


Also known as the Dance Floor. Perfectly manicured carpet with its glorious flagstick. All shots lead to the putt. Every hole ends on the #Green. It looks so simple but it’s not as easy as it looks. #Putting determines whether you get a birdie, par or bogey even if you had great shots on that hole. Today I missed three pars because I couldn’t get the ball in the cup in one shot, and the chance to get a birdie on a Par 3. My ball just danced around the hole. Very disappointing!

The simplest things in life can make the biggest impact, yet we fool ourselves into thinking that the bigger challenges are more important. One small step forward brings us closer to the finish line. At least 2-3 nights per week, I’m at the driving range practicing all my clubs except my putter; the one small thing that separates me from a birdie, par or bogey. Fixing the smallest part of our game, gives us a higher value and lower score. Don’t sweat the small stuff but don’t forget the small stuff.

Appreciate the little things in life. They may seem insignificant. Don’t take the small things for granted. Remember big doors swing on small hinges. Those little hidden treasures help us win in the game of life. We are more fortunate than we realize.  #PuttingGreen #Thanksgiving 

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