Meditation Elasticity

“Music touches the human soul. We hear it. We feel it. We respond to it.” ~ Chloe Timothy


Time to exhale. Time to release and let go. Time for a pulse check.
Do you realize your courageous heart has been faithfully beating and keeping you alive while you focused on the multiple demands of the week?
Time to give yourself over to the rhythm of your heartbeat…freely and beautifully.

Meditation Elasticity uses the science behind the way we think and grow our brains. I’ve tried to capture the essence of life and its nuances through the music. Each track takes you on an experiential journey as depicted by its title. Our brains are elastic. It has the ability to stretch beyond what we think is possible, causing it to reconfigure our thinking and reshape our experiences.

Proud to be the first South African woman of color to graduate with a degree in Jazz Studies in 1994; year of the first nonracial democratic election in South Africa.

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