Memoirs of a Counselor

by Chloe Timothy

“After a while, the pain from the piercing of a thorn transformed into numbness. The more the thorns, the more desensitized I became to the thorns. Counselor had shown me how to breathe in the absence of oxygen. I learned that things in life were counterintuitive. As humans, we want to make sense of life, but more often than not, life doesn’t make sense. Life happens to us regardless if we want it to or not. Life comes knocking at our door and frequently enters without our permission. The strong at heart learn how to climb mountains and cross great divides in the marathon of life.”

Book Reviews

“Wow! Inspiring, riveting and a book that gets at the heart of it all – the power we have to heal ourselves, even in the midst of heartbreak, tragedy and adversity.”         ~ Kim Becking, Expert on Resilience, Best-Selling Author and International Speaker

“Chloe shows us that when you hold onto a set of unchanging beliefs, you don’t only survive, but you thrive!”                         ~ Tina Thomson, Author, Leadership Coach, Chief Operating Officer

“The Counselor makes it clear that everyone has immense value in the world and we should never give up.”                           ~ Craig C. McCall, Psy.D., Psychologist, Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant

“Chloe weaves wise counsel and rhythmic meditations into her rich tapestry of life experience. You will be deeply moved.”   ~ Kevin A. Johnson, Author, Executive Coach

A Note to the Reader

I love listening to stories so please feel free to email me your story. I would love to hear it and offer one coaching question that can help you on your journey.
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