Chloe Timothy

Chloe Timothy was born in South Africa during apartheid and identifies as an Indian woman from Durban. She is an Executive and Leadership Coach, Health and Wellness Coach with the National Medical Board, Thought Leader, Conference Speaker, Counselor, Mother, Author, Jazz Pianist, and an avid golfer. Chloe started out as a classical pianist and later transitioned to Jazz. She became the first woman in her country to graduate with a degree in Jazz Studies. Her unique brand is the platform that catapulted her into leadership roles, creating opportunities which ultimately brought her to the United States in 2002.

Doors began to open for her as a successful performing artist and a motivational speaker at leadership events. This led to coaching engagements with company executives on management and communication skills. Her powerful coaching model challenges leaders to authentically navigate their professional and personal journey through self-awareness and self-exploration using disruptive strategies.

Today she is an Executive Coach based out of New York City where she coaches diverse leaders and inspires incredible human beings to make a positive and meaningful impact on our world.

In April 2018, Chloe released her first music album Meditation Elasticity using the science behind the way we think and grow our brains through improvisatory music.

In December 2019, she published her first book Memoirs of a Counselor. It’s a story about a South African Indian woman from Durban who overcame complex adversities that have continued to disrupt and corrupt our societies for centuries. In a fascinating way, Chloe stumbled on an unusual intervention using the power of imagination to pull her through and out of intense and horrific situations. Today she is a survivor with a realistically positive attitude, and a voice of hope for the future.

My Music Passion

Here’s how I breathe during the day or night. Whether I’m sitting at my piano, or between sessions at conferences when I scan the place and find a piano even if it’s slightly out of tune, or if I spot a piano in a hotel lobby. This is where you’ll find me, transcendently lost in my world. Depending on how I feel, my fingers respond as it touches the keys. Then the music emerges from the song in my heart.

My Golf Passion

I am an avid golfer, not a scratch golfer. There is a county golf course about two minutes from home. Guess where you can find me when I’m not lost in my music world? On the golf course where every shot teaches me a lesson in life. My swing depicts the state of my mind. The more relaxed I am, the easier I swing. Addressing the ball helps me to pause and reflect. The more I reflect, the more in tune I am with myself. Being on the golf course brings me total joy and tranquility.

Getting Personal

My favorite role is being a mom to my son Jethro, and a doggie mom to Apollo my Jack Russell, who keeps us entertained with his colorful energy. Jethro, on the other hand has a way of dragging me into stimulating philosophical conversations. I’m always fascinated by his stream of knowledge on any topic. And then there’s Gerard, my favorite golf partner. Spending time with each other on the golf course are one of the pleasures of life.

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