Day 3 of 6: Life’s Lessons on the Golf Course


On the fairway at Hole 6, the sky suddenly turned dark. Storm clouds gathered rapidly accompanied by thunder and lightning. The weatherman promised it wouldn’t be severe. Furious winds blew my umbrella away. I couldn’t move. One hand on my #golf cart and the other holding my 5-wood, I waited for it to stop. Nothing happened. Soaking wet, I pushed against the wind towards the parking lot. Then I remembered the #rainbow. No matter how hard life is, there are #rainbows and #silverlinings. The skies will clear again. 

Being in an abusive relationship for 29 years, how did I exist? To the public, I exuded positivity with a smile on my face. Behind closed doors, I learned how to shut my mouth and obey. I learned how to accept that my feelings were unimportant. I learned how to live without being considered. I learned how to always give in, accommodate and comply. Whenever I mustered the #courage to share my thoughts, I was told to follow the rules. That will never happen again.

In 20 years when I turn 80, I want to hold my head up high and say #ISpokeUp . When storms are raging in your life, take heart. Look out for #rainbows and #silverlinings. Never give up your #voice no matter how bleak things are. Be courageous! #YourVoiceMatters

I’m grateful to every person who helped me find my voice. #HappyThanksgiving

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