Day 6 of 6: Life’s Lessons on the Golf Course


Today is the last day of my 6-Day vacation. Although the holidays didn’t feel like a celebration of sorts, it got me thinking differently about life. My 6-Day #Golf Marathon made me put life in perspective.

It started with an unexpected blessing on Day 1, followed by three consecutive #mulligans in the water on Day 2. Talk about beating a dead horse! Then, I reflected on being caught in a fierce storm in the middle of the #GolfCourse on Day 3. That’s when I remembered the rainbow. On Day 4, I daringly closed my eyes and walked across the bridge. By letting go of my inhibitions, I conquered fear and drove with gusto! Yesterday, I thought about the forgotten putt and how it can change our scorecard. Life is about not forgetting the small things. And today I made #birdie

As I come to the end of this #Thanksgiving break, I am thankful for Life and for the many wonderful things that make me smile every day. Somewhere in the hardships, I will make a #birdie and enjoy the moment. The journey of life comes with good shots and bad shots, good moments and bad moments. It’s the #birdie that will make you believe, it was worth it all. #Thanksgiving #thankful

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