Day 4 of 6: Life’s Lessons on the Golf Course


To get to the Ladies Tee Box on Hole 5, I walk across the longest wooden #bridge on the #GolfCourse. The spread of cluttered clouds was quite a stunning view today. Every time I cross this #bridge, I dare myself to close my eyes. After every ten steps, I open it for a moment then close it again until I get to the other side. It’s a game I play. Call me #Daring! Something about it fascinates me. And when I tee off, it is usually a great drive. Very rarely is it a bad hit. I wonder if that #fearlessness inside me, causes me to abandon all inhibitions, and swing with gusto and confidence. I think it does.

Then why can’t I bring this same #daring spirit into conversations that attack my values? Where is my #fearless spirit then? What silences me? The #bridge has no voice but the sound I give it; my footsteps, the wheels of my #golfcart and the clanging of my irons. The #bridge cannot judge me or reject me. The #bridge has no life.

There are people in our lives who create psychological safety and act as a living #bridge. They walk with us, encourage, coach and help us grow our wings. These outstanding humans give us strength to be #daring. Thank you to all my living #bridges. #Thanksgiving  

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