Day 2 of 6: Life’s Lessons on the Golf Course


At Hole 14, the ranger drove by and said we had one hour to finish the round. Hurrying to Hole 15, my mind was on the clock. I felt rushed. My drive landed on the fairway, but not far enough. I took a #mulligan. Guess what? My ball cut to the left. It was worse. After the next two shots, my ball laid up nicely before the water hazard. Up until now, I made it over all the water hazards.

I felt the tension. The first ball went into the water. Bad shot! I took mulligan. The second followed the first. Very bad shot! I couldn’t let go. I tried a third time. The water swallowed my ball. Three balls lost. Frustrated, I didn’t putt. I moved to the next hole.

Here’s the lesson. When we do our best and it doesn’t work, let it go, learn from it and move on. Instead of beating a dead horse, advance to the next position of play. Time is wasted when we don’t let go. If we keep trying and it fails, stop complaining. We have no one else to blame but ourselves. Remember, the next hole brings you back into play. Don’t let a #mulligan hold you back from finishing the game.

I’m thankful for lessons learned in the good and the bad times. I won’t always get it right, but I promise to be generous and gracious to myself. #Thanksgiving

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