Chaos or Peace?

Sometimes it takes extreme disappointment to get our attention or extreme chaos to trigger our emotions and thoughts. We can keep going the way we are, or we can ask ourselves,
‘What is my contribution to CHAOS?‘
‘How am I contributing to PEACE around me?’
If you say you don’t contribute to chaos, then it’s time for self examination, self awareness and self management of our uncontrolled emotions and thoughts, for the common purpose of a better world.

So what is Your Truth? And what is The Truth? We’ve sabotaged our own sensibilities and values. We’ll never know The Truth unless we see things from all sides with an open mind. Remember the movie? #AFewGoodMen #YouCantHandletheTruth
Can you handle the Truth?

It starts with making an effort to understand people who don’t agree with you or don’t look like you. You want your voice heard? Make an effort to understand people who are not like you. The world can only become a better place through humility, understanding, collaboration and co-creation. One person at a time! #Truth #changetheworld #peace #chaos @ericclapton

Day 6 of 6: Life’s Lessons on the Golf Course

I MADE BIRDIE: Today is the last day of my 6-Day vacation. Although the holidays didn’t feel like a celebration of sorts, it got me thinking differently about life. My 6-Day #Golf Marathon made me put life in perspective. It started with an unexpected blessing on Day 1, followed by

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Some wrong turns, turn out right

Have you ever taken a wrong turn while driving? We probably all have. Where did it lead you? Some wrong turns get you to a place where you are more lost than when you started out. You may have said, “Where on earth am I?” Some wrong turns make you

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Live for Today

Today is a gift. Lead yourself first before you lead others. Decide with integrity. Make wise choices for positive impact. Live and love the best you can. You only have one chance at it. Once this day is over, you can never get it back. #leadership #livetoday #livefortoday

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Award Winning Author

Thrilled to announce ‘Memoirs of a Counselor: My Life in South Africa’ was awarded First Place in the Narrative Nonfiction category for the Writer’s Digest 9th Annual Self-Published E-Book Awards #WDWINNER #awardwinningauthor #author

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